About me

Hi! I’m S. I’m a 30-something female from Manchester, UK, currently winging my way through life and trying to figure ‘it’ all out along the way. I’m never happier than I am when I’m outdoors; I love hiking out into the wilderness, wild camping, spending time in the trees, getting muddy, and just generally being surrounded by, and immersed in nature. Other things that interest me in no particular order: photography, heavy metal, beer, the night sky, learning, creating, exploring. My favourite country is Scotland and have plans to relocate there in 2022* (a long-time dream, paused somewhat by COVID-19). Slowly working my way towards my goal of living in a cottage in the woods! Recently achieved my goal of living in a cottage in the woods!

I currently live in a sleepy little village on the edge of the Peak District National Park with my partner, where we both work full time, whilst trying to juggle keeping fit and healthy (which isn’t easy when you’re plagued with bad knees and dodgy ankles), getting out into nature and converting a Mercedes Sprinter van into a camper van to take us off travelling in 2022*, and to make our love of the outdoors more accessible – and easier to do on a regular basis.

I’m intending on this blog to be part journal, and part everything else – the van conversion, outdoors stuff, and some photos along the way. Let’s see how this thing goes…

*2020, amended to 2021, and now currently aiming for 2022. Cheers Covid 😷

That’s me. Hi!
This is our van, named The Vankenstein. She’s a beaten and battered 2007 Mercedes Sprinter LWB (long wheel base). I am sure you will read lots about the van and our progress turning her into a practical and functional liveable campervan!

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